The Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for the African Region organized the inception workshop of the PACE II Pilot Project titled:

“Promoting the use of the Basel Convention technical guidelines on transboundary movements of WEEE and UEEE, and enhancing associated national reporting obligations in Nigeria.”

The project seeks to promote and enhance control of transboundary movement of UEEE and WEEE, prevent illegal trade in e-waste, and thereby promote the ESM of electrical and electronic equipment at their end of life, in Nigeria.

In particular the project is to:

  1. raise awareness on the guidance document among relevant stakeholders
  2. improve capacities and effectiveness for use of the guidance document among key stakeholders
  3. enhance the capacities of national officials to meet reporting obligations on transboundary movement of WEEE.

Proposed Project Activities

  • Survey of existing knowledge on the guidelines among stakeholders
  • Organize general awareness raising activities on the guidance document
  • Organize detailed technical workshop for enforcement agencies and other critical stakeholders
  • Organize training session for key national reporting officers and stakeholders
  • Evaluate post-training knowledge/action on the guidance document & national reporting
  • Carry out project communication activities

The Workshop took place on the 14 & 15th of December, 2022. It was attended by about 35 Participants with representatives from The Federal Ministry of Environment, the Nigerian Environmental Standards Regulatory Agency, the Nigerian Customs Service, members of Trade associations, N.G.O’s, Academia, and other relevant stakeholder groups.

The Workshop was delivered through Presentations, Plenary discussions, Question and Answer sessions and quizzes.


Click HERE to see pictures from the Workshop.


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