Online-Questionaire on Roster of Experts in Hazardous Waste

Online-Questionaire for Roster of Experts in Hazardous Waste and Chemicals Management in Africa


Questionnaire Instructions

IMPORTANT: Read the instructions carefully before submitting your information.

Quality Submissions: It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure completeness of the information -- if submitted information is incomplete, it may not be included. The quality of your entry will stand as a testimony to your expertise, just as a curriculum vitae would.

Contact Information: What is most critical is that you provide contact information which will help contact you readily. 

Filling: Please fill the form out CAREFULLY and ensure that your submission is as you wish it to remain. 

If your information does not appear in the Directory immediately, don't be concerned; our target is to update the Directory no less frequently than once every six months.

If you are uncertain of your being an appropriate candidate for inclusion in the Roster, or if you are in need of further clarifications, please feel free to send us an email.

Thank you.

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On inauguration of a Steering Committee, the Centre will be governed by a Steering Committee made up of the Directors of the Basel Convention Regional Centers in the African region, representatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria, one  member  state  representative  from  each  of  the  Basel  Convention  Regional Centres

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